Firehouse Tuba Solo

April 20, 2008

Well, I’ve played my solo. It was interesting to say the least. We found the place after a little frustration (we passed it several times) and climbed the narrow, twisting flight of stairs (not fun when you play a tuba) to the second floor. I played my piece once on stage with a couple early birds in the audience and found that it sounded pretty good! I was then directed in to the basement below the stage where I was to warm up with the other members of the trombone quartet. It looked like this:

Actor's Dressing Room

 and since it was located in back of a kitchen, it reeked of fish! When it was time I went back up to the stage a waited to play. The trumpet trio was first (one of the players decided to arrive literally 30 seconds before they performed). After that there was a string quartet. My heart beat faster. You know how people say to take deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth? Well it’s a lie, I doesn’t work, or at least not that time.

It was my turn. I was up. I waited for the chairs to be set up and walked on amid the applause. I sat down, took a deep breath, and played. I was so nervous those first few notes, I messed them up horribly, but then all of a sudden I was OK, or at least a little less nervous, and forced my mind off the crowd and onto the music. I played as musically as I could, and did my best (considering I had hurt my back a few days before while I was hoisting my way-too-heavy backpack onto my shoulders). Then it was over. I bowed, and walked off the stage. So, yeah, it was interesting. 



April 9, 2008

In the past two weeks I’ve performed two solos at two nursing homes. It was great! I though I performed very well with only a few “fracks” here and there, BUT when I listened to a recording of my second performed solo I realized that I was dragging a lot! Every rest and anything longer than a half note was to long! In effect it didn’t sound “flowing”. :-( . So now I have a few days to prepare for my final solo in an auditorium that seats 190 people! THAT will be AWESOME! I’ll practice it with a metronome and all that fun stuff…