MMEA All-State Festival

All-state was a lot of fun! I did sit around a lot, though. Most of the brass brought books to read while they weren’t playing, and I didn’t, so I got to sit and listen. The orchestra played Pines of Rome, a cool piece, but not very tuba-intensive. Since I didn’t play a lot, I got to play with the brass choir! We performed at the opening of the concert, and got to play with the chorus. Both went very well, and performing with a chorus was something I hadn’t done before, It sounded very cool, especially in symphony hall, where the voices and the brass had all these awesome overtones going on.

But I’d have to say that the band’s performance was the best. They performed Don Quixote under the direction of Robert W. Smith, and it had the most fun tuba part I ever saw. This was the best movement:

 (That’s not All-State, by the way) The percussionists had a stack of tin cans that they knocked to the floor that represented Don Quixote smashing to the ground after he tried to fight a windmill, very cool.


2 Responses to MMEA All-State Festival

  1. Althea says:

    Robert W. Smith always has the best percussion. Have you played his Divine Comedy?

    • John Baylies says:

      No, only thing I’ve played of his was the Tempest back in 7th grade. I’m still bummed I was in orchestra instead of band. Next year I’m going to staple a piece of paper to my application that says in big, bold letters, I WANT TO BE IN BAND!!!

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