Lots of Little Things Happened Today…

June 13, 2008

Let’s see…


  1. I edited our Global Thought project. It’s fantastic! You could almost say it looks professional! I hope we can get some more scenes filmed on monday. We’re moving so slowly right now. It seems like every day there’s at least one person missing from our group.
  2. I did not get a CAT scan, I got an x-ray, except this time I was standing up with my feet flat and my legs locked instead of laying down. From what I can tell my legs look pretty even! But we’ll see what the radiologist says.
  3. I’m ordering another, much more complex origami book entitled Floral Globes by Tokomo Fuse. So you’ll be sing a lot more origami soon!
  4. I was just told to say “Your mother was a pheasant plucker” ten times fast. I refused.
  5. I just found out that I have NYSO auditions tomorrow morning! That was unexpected. I’m just going to use the pieces I prepared for BYSO.


That’s my day, how was yours?



The Chiropractor

June 7, 2008

My aunt and my dad’s two friends all told us to go see a chiropractor about my leg length discrepancy, and so we did. My mom and I both went to see Dr. Thomas S. Perrault, Jr. at Perrault Chiropractic Offices, Inc.

Dr. Thomas S. Perrault, Jr.

As a second-generation chiropractor, Dr Tom has experienced and observed the results of chiropractic care daily throughout his life. Early on, he became fascinated with exactly how chiropractic adjustments could produce such seemingly miraculous results in a wide range of human ailments by making such simple changes in the spine. After graduating cum laude from Brooks School in North Andover, Dr. Tom went on to graduate from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where he majored in physics before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He has spent the past 19 years investigating a variety of chiropractic and neuromuscular techniques, and will develop a personalized approach that benefits each patient long into the future for patients who actively participate in their care.


He listened to everything we told him, and we learned from everything he told us. There was so much information passed around that I can’t list it here. We spent a good hour talking about everything. Then we went to the exam room. He checked my posture with my knees locked and with my knees in their most comfortable position. He noticed that with my knees in their comfortable position my whole right side shifted downwards, and my head tilted to the left, but when I locked my knees my body looked fine, like nothing ever happened to it. He determined that, basically, it was all in my head. That after the accident my muscles reset themselves in a way that caused my right leg to lengthen and my left leg to shorten.

So he had me lay down in a bed which allowed you to breath when you lay face down, twisted me like a pretzel, and had me stand up. Guess what? My legs were the same length! He stated that this would only last a while as it was my first visit, but that as the visits went on it would get better and better. He did some more twists, one which included twisting my neck as far as it could go and more. It snapped around five times. He also twisted my spine as far as it could go and more. These twists took the breath out of me. They didn’t hurt, they weren’t uncomfortable, but he was putting so much pressure on places which usually didn’t feel pressure that it took my breath away! When the session ended I enjoyed about ten minutes of a limp free life, and then it came back. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

To all you people who found this while searching google. If you have leg length discrepancy, go see a chiropractor before getting surgery! I’m glad I did, they might have taken an inch out of my right leg If I hadn’t seen Dr. Perrault. Good luck!

A Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis!

June 5, 2008

This is MOST CERTAINLY not my week!

So a couple of hours after the bike crash my right leg decided to grow, oh, about an inch. Why? You tell me! So we went to the doctor to find out what the heck happened. We described everything in great detail. He twisted my legs in some pretzel-like positions, and determined that I had a slipped capital femoral epiphysis, or SCFE (pronounced skiffy) for short. He said that if it really was skiffy then I would need a screw in my hip by tomorrow morning! I did not like that idea, ’cause than I couldn’t practice tuba! Just kidding, it actually made me really anxious. Being told you are going to have some surgery in 12 hours is kind of stressful. We were then told to go get an x-ray to determine if skiffy was the culprit. I really hoped it wouldn’t be.

So I got an x-ray at Lawrence General Hospital. The radiologist looked at the x-rays and determined that they were bad, which meant they were negative, which meant I did not have skiffy, which was good! They also said that they did not have a clue about what was wrong with my legs. So I went home with an awful limp and no idea why, except that it wasn’t skiffy.
An Inch Difference

Car Crash!

May 30, 2008

Two days ago my mom and I participated in a car crash and I must say it was quite thrilling! Here is the email I sent to Mr. Milnarik depicting the accident.

Yes we’re all fine. My mom’s hand and knee are a little bruised up, but that’s it. The horn is OK too, no dents. We were driving down Mass AVE about to get onto the highway when another person either didn’t see us or thought they could beat us. They were going in the opposite direction, and pulled out in front of us to get on the entrance ramp. We hit them at 25 – 30 mph.

Here’s a map: http://tinyurl.com/5vz7kj

Our car was totaled, the engine block was crunched on one side. The other driver was 19, I didn’t see much damage done to her car.
So yes we’re OK and everything is fine.
It was surreal because after the impact the sun was just setting over the top of the overpass, the windshield was cracked, defracting the light, and the dust from the airbag gave everything a foggy, whitish hue. Surprisingly, I did not get scared until I stepped out of the car. They cleaned up everything so quick! In the space of 30 minutes three off duty public service workers, an ambulance, fire truck, three police cars, and two tow trucks all came and went. My dad has already found a new car, and we are getting the insurance all worked out. Very thrilling indeed!
Ah, yes, I forgot to mention this is musically relevant because my tuba was not dented at all!