Two more tracks – Double Dissonance & Darkscape

October 5, 2008

Double Dissonance came from an idea I had while making Deep Under the Vacuum. It has four tracks, the top two have the same note, with one being a few cents flatter than the other, creating that wah-wah sound you hear when two instruments are slightly out of tune. The bottom two also have the same note, but not the same as the top two. Again, one track is a few cents flatter that the other, creating that wah-wah effect. The top two tracks are panned all the way to the left, and the bottom two are panned all the way to the right. So you have one wah-wah in one ear, and another in the other ear. Then the tracks pan back and forth, letting you listen to the changes in the wah-wah effect. The tune finally ends in a final, non-dissonant chord. It’s much simpler than what I just described. Here’s the link: DoubleDissonance.mp3 Be sure that you don’t have any “sound enhancers” turned on. It will ruin the effect.

Darkscape is just me looped over myself. It’s just for fun. (what isn’t?) Link: Darkscape.mp3 Again, make sure you don’t have any “sound enhancers” turned on. It will ruin the effect.


Deep Under the Vacuum ~ Music Video

October 5, 2008

I made this video one fine Saturday morning so I could flush all the creativity out of my system so I could focus on homework. Strangely, I spent more time trying to upload this video at a decent quality than doing homework!

Deep Under The Vacuum

September 27, 2008

It’s Saturday,
and I was bored,
so I made this.

Title: Deep Under the Vacuum
Artist: John Baylies
Album: Vacate the Area
Genre: Tuba-Trance



July 14, 2008

EDIT: NETEW has been renamed CTEW, the Cosmopolitan Tuba Euphonium Workshop.

NETEW was amazing! For those of you who do not know what NETEW is, it stands for Northeast Tuba Euphonium Workshop, you can find more info at

Where to start… Well, when I got to Endicott College I discovered that all the dorms had their own kitchen and living space, sweet! I made friends (some crazy, some cool, some geeky), took the faculty tour (amazing campus), ate dinner (ok food, great ice cream), had my placement audition (thought I did pretty well), and went to bed (at midnight).

Here is my typical day: My alarm wakes me up at 7:30, I take a shower, and wake my roommates up. Around 8:30 we head to breakfast, which usually consists of pancakes, bagels, french toast, or coco puffs. Then at 9:00 we go to warm up and do our Daily Routine. The euphoniums go with Roland Froscher, and the tubas go with Mike Milnarik.

After the Daily Routine (By the way, the daily routine itself will make you improve so fast!) Mike does a masterclass, in which he will help a student on their solo piece, and the rest of us get to watch that student improve in front of our very eyes! It’s really quite amazing.

After that there is a clinic in which the guest/performing/emerging artist will talk about anything they think we should know. For example, Adam Frey talked about the business side of music, Jamie Lipton told us seven things she wish she knew when she was studying music, and Roland Forescher talked about the differences between music performance Switzerland and here in the United States (Even though I was staying up until one every night and was very tired I did not fall asleep during any of them! They were all very interesting).

At 12:00 we have lunch, which usually included salad and a pizza of some sort (they would take yesterday’s leftovers and put it on pizza. We even had corn pizza at one point, it wasn’t bad!).

After lunch we either rehearse with the pianist, have lessons with Mike or Roland, or practice individually (I did not get to have a lesson with Mike because I am a private student of his, but I did rehearse my solo, Down in the Deep Cellar, with the pianist Bonnie Anderson, a very good accompanist).

Then there is chamber music practice, my group played The Tubameisters and Virga Jesse. The Tubameisters was a very fun piece to play, but Virga Jesse was hard! Even though the notes were easy, making it sound musical was so hard. For our performance we played The Tubameisters, then Virga Jesse, then The Tubameisters again in double time! Everything was going great until the crowd started clapping, and we all know what happens when a crowd of musically challenged parents start to clap, they accelerando! But we stayed together with only a couple minor mistakes, like the on beats (me!) overlapped with the off beats. It was great!

At 5:00 there’s dinner, which usually includes a burger and fries, with ice cream for dessert.

Then comes my favorite part of the day, the faculty recital! We listened to Innovata Brass, Cosmopolitan Tuba Quartet, Dr. Fidgety Dixieland Band, and Brass Planet. They are all amazing and inspirational. To learn more go here: Guest Artists

Then we party (played pool) in the Lodge, head to our dorms at midnight, and go to bed at one. That is my typical day at NETEW, and boy was it great!

Mike Milnarik - Director of NETEW

Mike Milnarik - Director of NETEW

If Ye Love Me

February 19, 2008
Made another recording! 

It’s hard to slow down together when there’s no one to listen to and a metronome clicking in your ear.

We recorded something today…

January 17, 2008

Me and my friends were playind a piece I transcribed called If Ye Love Me, It’s very pretty (when played correctly) and we decided to add a little something at the end, we worked on it for a while, and ended up with something that actually sounded sort of neat!

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