New Band Teacher: Briana Polan

June 6, 2008

We now know who our new band teacher is, her name is Briana Polan! I honestly do not know much about her so if you would like to contact her yourself here is her email:

It’s an image, so spam bots can’t get at it.

There is also a bunch of other information, a lot of classes are being added to the music department in the next five years. These classes include

  • Musical Theater
  • Dance
  • Jazz Band
  • AP Music Theory
  • Beginning Piano
  • Beginning Guitar

The main goal of adding these classes is to expand the music program and insure people that they don’t have to be a part of the band to be a part of the music.


A few last details,

  • She wants us to play more, to have more performances and small ensembles.
  • Next year the band and chorus might go to New York.
  • She is working with Mr. Beatty to determine what show we are going to do for marching band.
  • She does not lean towards concert or marching band, she likes both equally.
  • Her primary instrument is flute/piccolo.
  • And she’s moving here in July.

One last thing, if you are in band and are interested about our future come to the band meeting on July 23’rd.


The Fight For Mr Beatty! Part Drei

June 2, 2008

The band had a meeting today, it answered most of my questions. Here it is in an eggshell:

1) There’s nothing we can do about Mr Beatty leaving, technically he resigned himself, and therefore cannot reapply.

2) Do not do anything rash such as “angrily pee on the office door” as one person put it.

3) In turn, the band is gaining a full time chorus AND band teacher *Woo!*. Sadly, the tuba room will become the band teachers office *sob*.

4) We have absolutely no idea who the new teachers are at this moment. For all we know they could be purple-haired transsexual transvestites from Romania (as one person put it).

So now that the information is out and everyone knows what’s happening we can all rest and say our good byes *sniffle*…

A Sad Wombat that I thought expresses my feelings pretty accurately:

Sad wombat in Snow
Please note I did not draw the wombat, this person did:

The Fight for Mr Beatty! Part Zwei

May 31, 2008

Ben has sent and received an email:

Quoting Benjamin Barker:

I am a member of the Scarlet Knights Marching Band, and yesterday we were informed that our music teacher, Mr. Beatty, was asked to not return for next year. I have never seen so many of my friends that sad in my entire life. He was such an inspirational person, and I just want to know why you let him go. Thank you for your time.
Ben Barker
Class of 2010

Quoting Dr Scuzzarella:

Hi Ben,
Thank you for your email. I know you have had a good experience in our music program and that it means a great deal to you. I appreciate you taking the time to send me an email. I care very much about our music program, and I am confident we will continue to have an extremely high quality program.
Dr. Scuzzarella

Notice the similarity between her response to me and her response to Ben!

The Fight For Mr Beatty! Part Ein

May 30, 2008

Well, our school has pretty much decided to “let Mr Beatty go”. But they will not tell us why! I emailed Dr Scuzzarella and got back the typical administrative response. Here’s what I posted on Facebook:

I emailed Dr. Scuzzarella.

“Mr. Beatty announced to us after the concert that you were “letting him go”.

I would just like to know why!

I thought he was a great teacher who really knew his stuff when it came to marching and concert band. We came so close to five gold stars this year, and he had plans for a show that would get us that rating this year! 

What happened? Did someone complain? Because that could be massively balanced out by the number of people (the entire band) who LOVE him! If you had come in to class and told us yourself you would have seen just how many people do not want to see him leave!

John Baylies

Class of 2010″

Here’s what I got back:

“Hi John,
Thank you for your email. I know you have had a good experience in our music program and that it means a great deal to you. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I care very much about our music and I am confident we will continue to have an extremely high quality program
Dr. Scuzzarella”

She didn’t even answer my question! What’s up with that? So I emailed her again:

Thanks you for your email but I would still like to know why, even if the only information you can give us is that you can not tell us because of privacy issues.

Thank you!
John Baylies
Class of 2010
There are already two facebook groups up:
So we’ll see what happens!
UPDATE: I got an email back!
Hi John,
There are confidentiality issues involved, so no, I can not share any other information with you.
So I guess someone did complain. Therefor we should be able to complement Mr Beatty back!